decades of success


This month, Shingobee celebrates the founding of our company in 1980. We continue to work with integrity, striving to honor the values originally established by our founder, Gae Veit. As a result of her efforts, the company broke barriers within the construction industry as one of the first few women-owned commercial construction firms at the time.


Since its original inception on March 17, 1980, Shingobee has participated in thousands of projects, with numerous local and national awards and accreditations. In 2019, Shingobee returned to its roots as a woman–owned company with our achievement of WBENC certification status. As we continue to grow, we stay committed to transparency and excellence.



reflections of our leader


In recognition of our anniversary, we sat down with Shingobee President/CEO, Nancy Samson. Through a series of short questions, she shares thoughts on the success of the company and what makes her proud to lead our team: 



Why did you become Owner?

First and foremost, I loved the people and the company values. The company mission, which applies to employees and customers alike, is timeless and unwavering and this company keeps it simple. It’s about having the integrity to do the right thing in every situation.



What makes Shingobee unique?

Our people. Everyone here values being transparent, we answer the tough questions. We make sure our company is the right fit for a job. We invest in our customers projects and treat them as part of our own team.



Recently, what exciting opportunities have you seen within the construction industry?

Oddly, COVID presented some unique opportunities for Shingobee to grow as a company, both internally and externally. I am proud to see how Shingobee’s project managers used critical thinking to conquer the unique obstacles we have faced as an industry. From issues within the supply chain, staffing shortages, working among projects stemming from civil unrest, to helping clients work through challenging business climates, our team has once again stepped up and emerged as a leader in innovative problem solving.


This has also led me to think differently about the future. I ask myself, ‘how can Shingobee become involved in projects earlier in the process to mitigate challenges within design and throughout the build? How do we take taxing experiences and make them enjoyable? Where do we find opportunities to make our process more efficient?’



Speaking of the future, what has kept you encouraged in looking forward?

I remain in awe of the businesses that have creatively overcome the restrictions the pandemic has presented. To see them persevere despite the adversity they face has brought about some innovative ideas to an array of industries. Seeing restaurants bust out walls to create a drive-thru or pick-up windows to serve their customers, rethinking design to accommodate social distancing, using things like ice houses for winter outdoor dining experiences and transforming parking lots into patios—it hasbeen inspiring to watch.


Finally, I love how organizations have opportunities to work closer with their staff and clients to communicate better. Finding new ways to connect, using video, teleconferences and other methods, I appreciate how we have all become more diligent to ensure regular facetime with each other.