Shingobee is an integral advisor and partner to you in the development and implementation of your construction program. Shingobee’s construction project management and early involvement in a project saves you both time and money, allowing you to proceed with confidence. Depending on what solution makes sense for your project, you choose the involvement our team will have in pre-construction.

Our primary role during the pre-construction phase is to provide input on design / constructability, construction costs, and schedule. In cooperation with the design team, the Shingobee team evaluates the requirements of the program drawings, conceptual plans, and the budget to move the project through to completion of design and documentation. Our team’s expertise and knowledge of life cycle costs and construction methods bring valuable information to the process, and this information lends itself to a successful project schedule.

Pre-Construction Services Options

At Shingobee, we will be your partner from the earliest part of the process and will work with you throughout the various stages of pre-construction and construction. Regardless of where in the process we are involved, we will provide you with information you will need to be able to make informed decisions at every stage of the project.

If you have hired an architect to design your project or have one in mind, we will collaborate to ensure a cooperative environment for the entire design and construction team. We also have the resources and capabilities to provide design/build services and hire a professional architect and engineers for the project.

Don’t stress over keeping city building codes and permitting requirements straight. Our veteran team of professionals will work closely with the design team to ensure each aspect of the project meets public requirements and will see it through the permit process as needed.

Collaboration/Integrated Approach

Shingobee systematically reviews and monitors the design for constructability issues and life cycle costs during the pre-construction phase. We evaluate building materials, equipment, and mechanical building systems for long-term energy efficiency and sustainability; assess materials for performance, availability, compatibility, warranty, and compliance with project requirements; and review construction details, clarity and completeness of documents. Throughout the design phases, we continuously investigate alternative details, materials, and equipment to give the owner their best value, meet the required specifications, and not compromise the design intent.

Our hands-on team will establish a comprehensive schedule for the project. We investigate long lead-time items and project delivery dates; review the drawings and discuss projected completion dates for each phase of the project; and create a master schedule to be used and updated throughout the project.

Different estimating techniques are used at various stages of the design development to ensure that the project budget stays on track. Our cost estimating process includes periodic estimates as design progresses, in conjunction with a reconciliation process, to restrain project scope creep and maintain an appropriate level of contingency. All of the information in the budget and scope of work is provided to the project team, for review and understanding of how the final budget is established.

BIM is a tool that can help us better manage a construction project from start to finish. It helps the team to view project conditions both before and during the construction process. Through BIM, we can formulate cost-saving ideas through constructability reviews, prefabrication opportunities, and virtual mockups. This ultimately takes construction to a whole new level.

Our integrated services allow us to provide project development and commercial real estate services in conjunction with construction services--whatever may fit your needs. Visit our Real Estate page to learn more.

When involved at the earliest planning stage, Shingobee can gain greater opportunities to understand your business, develop creative, integrated solutions, and propose ways to reduce costs. The long-term result is a product that adds to the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of your operation. Trust in our construction project management team to make your dream a reality.

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