Throughout the month of March, we celebrate women’s history month, calling attention to the women that contribute to society, both past and present.


Fortunately, we live in a culture with a growing awareness of what it means to move progressively towards equality. 

The 2022 international theme of “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” is echoed by the National Women in Construction Association (NAWIC) theme of “Envision Equity" for Women in Construction Week. This week, NAWIC hosted various events aimed at sharing appreciation, celebrating diversity and facilitating connections within our industry. Clearly, the movement towards equality in the building trades has the support of many.



As the world continues to provide a sense of inclusiveness, the construction industry lags behind any other industry in employment of women.


*data obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics


The numbers reflect a harsh reality. Women play a far lesser role in building our nation than any other category of work within the United States. With only 11% of the construction industry compromised of females, whether in the office or on the jobsite, changes and efforts are still needed to further encourage women to participate in these male-dominated roles.





Gae Veit, Shingobee founder


Shingobee’s story begins with a woman. In 1980, Gae Veit established Shingobee at a time when a woman’s involvement in the industry wasn’t only rarely heard of but presented even more of an uphill battle. Upon her retirement in 2007, Shingobee had grown into a $50 million company. 


Nancy Samson, Shingobee President/CEO



Today, Shingobee takes great pride in continuing our tradition as a qualified woman-owned business. With Nancy Samson as President/CEO, our company’s efforts serve as an ongoing example for future female leaders in the construction industry.

In addition to a National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), women represent 28% of the staff at Shingobee. From the owner, to project managers, project engineers and other office staff, our organization has created a successful environment that thrives off the hard work of all employees.