Shingobee Builders is wrapping up construction of the first Minnesota location of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, located at the Woodbury Lakes retail center in Woodbury, MN. The 43,392 square foot building offered a unique set of challenges in maintaining the construction schedule. Our team employed outside-the-box thinking to complete the project.


By employing the use of a specialty concrete admixture, our team of commercial contracting experts at Shingobee was able to meet the deadline for completion and keep the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema project on schedule for its opening.


The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Project

The Alamo Drafthouse project created a nine-screen theater where patrons can order food and drink from their theater seats. Popular across the country, this is the first Alamo Drafthouse in Minnesota. Alamo Drafthouse also features a full-service bar, restaurant and outdoor patio.


The project included:


●        Construction of the exterior shell utilizing tilt-up concrete wall panels

●        All interior improvements and related site work for the theater

●        An interior finish using barn wood, brick, granite counters, and other finishes

●        A contemporary, rustic look consistent with other Alamo Drafthouse locations

●        A full brick veneer, cultured stone, and EIFS exterior


Unique Retail Building Construction Challenges

Maintaining a strict schedule is crucial to the successful completion of a project. However, unforeseen circumstances occasionally arise that threaten to push back the completion date. As the project progressed, we experienced a number of unexpected delays. The first was a utility company delay. Then an abnormally cold, snowy winter further compressed the schedule, and it soon became clear that traditional thinking would not get the project completed by its deadline.


Theater Flooring


An Approaching Deadline

With only a few weeks remaining before our June 15 deadline, we still needed time to place and paint concrete interior slabs. We also needed to install VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring and carpet. We understood that the process of curing and drying concrete takes time. Without controlling the moisture, the VCT flooring and painted concrete risers we installed would be likely to fail. It became clear that we would need to break outside of traditional thinking to keep the project on schedule while maintaining quality and the warranty.


Admixture: A Unique Commercial Construction Solution

We found our solution in a concrete admixture. By adding a porosity-inhibiting admixture to our concrete, we mitigated any moisture problems. Just a couple of weeks after our concrete was placed, we were able to proceed with flooring and painting. We met our completion deadline, handing the project over to the owner’s Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) contractors on time.


Denser, Stronger Concrete

BOI admixture is a porosity-inhibiting admixture (PIA) developed specifically to help project teams and contractors meet demanding schedules while remaining on budget. This admixture was developed by flooring, chemical, and concrete experts. This unique product does not interfere with adhesive bonding or other resinous coatings. The admixture uses a natural chemical reaction to help form a permanent, insoluble barrier.


Drafthouse Theater Flooring


Concrete mixed with BOI admixture:

●        Is denser

●        Is stronger

●        Is more resistant to abrasion

●        Has significantly reduced shrinkage

●        Has reduced permeability

●        Has reduced slab warping


Commercial Contracting Experts

At Shingobee, we pride ourselves on meeting deadlines without compromising quality or workmanship. We are willing to think outside the box and employ the best possible method for each construction project. From project management to commercial construction, we value innovative approaches and quality workmanship.


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