Skilled trade professionals are in demand now more than ever in the United States. In a time when pay is shrinking for many degreed professions, the current labor shortage has led to increasingly higher pay for men and women working within the building trades. Job security is better than ever for trade professionals, and continued growth is projected across the industry.


Project Build Minnesota is a statewide initiative to promote a positive image of construction careers and help build a strong trade professions workforce. Shingobee Builders is proud to be joining up with Project Build Minnesota to help build a bright future for Minnesotans.


American Labor Shortage

One of the most significant problems facing the housing industry in America today is a severe labor shortage within the building trades. According to projections, that shortage will continue to worsen over time.

Project Build Minnesota

After the decline in construction during the recession about a decade ago, many workers left the trades, and the sector has never fully recovered. Many workers who remained in the field are nearing retirement age, and with not enough workers to take their place, experts expect the shortage to increase.


Reaching a New Workforce

In recent years, young Americans entering the workforce have been told that college is the only pathway to a sustainable long-term career. But many of these college graduates enter the workforce heavily in debt only to find a shortage of jobs in white-collar professions.

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Many of the wages in these white-collar professions have not kept pace with the economy. At the same time, young people are not aware of the high-paying careers available within the trade industries. One of the goals of Project Build Minnesota is to help young people connect with opportunities within the industry and raise awareness about the possibilities.


A Promising Career

Common misconceptions abound about the skill level and professional value of construction industry trades. With building trades, workers can get to work immediately without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on college.

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In a time when college-educated professionals struggle to pay their bills, the average pay for construction and building trade professionals is $61,500. For construction industry workers who hold bachelor’s degrees, the pay scale is around $65,000-$88,000 annually with most workers earning around $84,000. The labor shortage means workers hold the advantage and have plenty of career opportunities.


Here are just a few of the skilled jobs available with only a high school diploma and their average annual salaries:


●        Carpenter: $55,379

●        Concrete finisher: $56,095

●        Craft laborer: $53,581

●        Heavy equipment operator: $52,310

●        Mason: $54,079

●        Painter: $49,493

●        Roofer: $68,390

●        Site layout/Survey engineer: $51,459

●        Construction crane operator: $70,097


Training and Education for All Levels of Trade Professionals

Project Build Minnesota connects young people with the resources they need to create a career path that will help them achieve their professional goals. Workers within the construction trades can choose to pursue a higher level of education and move up within their trade.

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Building trade professionals are needed in all areas of commercial construction, including restaurant construction, retail building construction, and office construction. Project Build Minnesota can also help individuals connect with scholarships to help pay for college and training.


Training for building industry workers is available at three levels:

1.      Skills training programs

2.      Associate’s degree

3.      Bachelor’s degree


Project Management Professionals in Minnesota

Project Build Minnesota unites educators, government officials, industry professionals, parents, and the media to raise awareness about promising careers within the building industry. A leader in commercial construction and project management, Shingobee is proud to be a sustaining sponsor of Project Build Minnesota and to have one of our project managers serving on the initiative’s board.

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We are eager to bring new industry professionals into the exciting world of building trades and take part in this plan to help build a brighter future for Minnesota. Give us a call to discuss how we can help with your commercial contractor needs at 763-479-1300, or you can message us at