The latest addition to Shingobee’s lengthy resume of convenience stores / fuel stations / car washes is the Now Mart Gas & Groceries. The convenience store was built over the past winter and opened on February 18.


This project includes a 5,000 sq. ft. convenience store designed by HW2 Design, fuel station, and 3,800 sq. ft. Tommy Car Wash. The car wash, which is designed to utilize rainwater captured from all of the impervious surfaces on the site, as well as reclaimed water from the wash, will open this spring.


Here's an excerpt from a Star Tribune article about the efficient water reuse system:

Owner Chris Robbins said he hopes his business taking shape, at 7201 Bass Lake Road, will set a trend for local car washes, often among the top water users in communities.


A busy car wash, he said, can guzzle more than 4 million gallons of water a year. The reuse systems at his car wash, he said, are expected to save millions of gallons annually.

“We feel it’s a lot more eco-friendly way to go about running a car wash business,” said Robbins, whose family owns two other gas stations and car washes in Plymouth.





12 underground tanks were installed at the site for petroleum, propane, rainwater collection, etc.



Four precast tanks, some as heavy as 50,000 lbs., were installed for the water treatment system designed by Aquabio ( This treatment system will filter 100% of the water from the site, including rainwater from parking lots and roofs.



Shingobee has built hundreds of convenience stores in our 39-year history.


Shingobee to Exhibit at UMCS

We will be exhibiting at the Upper Midwest Convenience Store & Energy Convention in St. Paul on April 9th and 10th! We'll be meeting with owners and operators of c-stores and fuel stations. Check out the great lineup of speakers!