Happy Earth Day! 2020 marks the 50th year that this day has been celebrated. That's half a century of action! For some basics on exactly what this day is about, you can visit earthday.org.


At Shingobee, we love working with our clients to create the sustainable features they're looking for. Here are a few projects we've completed that showcase some modern Earth-friendly features.



Solar panels installed on the roof of Richfield-Bloomington Credit Union [More Project Photos]



This car wash reuses its own recycled water! [More Project Photos]




Solar panels & solar tubes for Four Winds Alternative and Career Technology Education High School [Project Details]




Also Four Winds: The building’s heating and cooling uses a ground-source geothermal system with high efficiency water-to-air heat pumps, variable speed fans and pumps, and an energy recovery system. [Project Details]



The Dakotah! Ice Center’s “green” features include a 32,648-square-foot green roof that treats stormwater and improves energy efficiency, skylights coupled with daylight harvesting sensors, sixteen solar panels that heat water for use in the ice resurfacing equipment, and more. [More Project Details]


For a longer list of our sustainable projects, visit http://www.shingobee.com/Projects/Sustainable-Construction.