Modular buildings are an alternative construction method that can save time, money, and be more energy efficient.

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Ask the Expert: The Evolution of Building Materials

Construction building materials have been around for a very long time. So how have construction materials evolved, and where are they trending to?

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Shingobee Achieves World-Class Safety Standards with Platinum Level in ABC STEP Program

Shingobee Builders has achieved Platinum level in Associated Builders and Contractor’s STEP Safety Management System, meaning the company is 655% safer than the industry average.

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Ask the Expert: How does the Lumber Industry and Pricing Work?

The lumber industry has seen dramatic increases in cost over the past year - why? How does the lumber industry work?

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Ask the Expert: Construction Labor Shortages - Developing the Workforce of Tomorrow

Construction labor shortages have been attributed to many factors, including the financial crisis of 2008, the retirement of the baby boom generation, and millennials that are entering the workforce.

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What is the Lifespan of a Commercial Building? — Ask the Expert

With modern cities turning into concrete jungles, it is inevitable to lose sight of the overpowering structures with glass facades spearing into the blue skies. Most of the time, onlookers tend to believe that buildings are permanent fixtures in the settings of a vicinity. However, like everything else, they too come with an expiry date and go through various stages of a lifecycle. 

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Convenience Store Construction: Project Highlights

Shingobee has built and remodeled literally dozens of convenience stores in its 40+ years in business. Here are some highlights from all those projects!

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Ask the Expert: Alternative Energy Sources – What's new?

There are many new alternative energy technologies available today that can impact construction costs, both at time of construction and over the course of the life of the building. Many of these technologies are already available today, and others are still being developed and tested. The two that are currently most widely used are geothermal and solar.

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Winter 2021 Project Update

You 'd think winter would be a slow time for commercial construction, but it really isn't as slow as you might imagine! While certain aspects of construction can't be accomplished in winter (like laying asphalt), much of what we do can absolutely be done in cold weather.

We have a great list of projects that are currently under construction. Read on for updates and photos!

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Ask the Expert: OSHA Partnership - What is it and why should employers embrace it?

Since its creation, OSHA has focused its resources where they can have the greatest impact in reducing injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the workplace. And to do that, one of their most recent initiatives is the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program.

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