Clockwork Active Media

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Shingobee provided interior build-out of this unique interior renovation project in 2014. Clockwork Active Media, a creative Internet media design company, had been looking to expand its office space and leased space in a renovated industrial building near its current offices in northeast Minneapolis. Working with Shea Design, they developed an interior design to renovate the building into a creative space for their staff. Shingobee provided considerable budgeting and constructability input as the design was being completed.

Following building shell improvements by the landlord (Volna Real Estate Holdings LLC), Shingobee started work on the interior build-out of the 11,000-square-foot space. Work began with opening the ceiling to the old timber frame structure, which remains exposed in the finished space. The project included construction of partitions, workstations, finishes, stairs, a kitchen, and restrooms, along with coordination of custom millwork by a specialty contractor engaged by the owner. The build-out was completed between September and December 2014.

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