Data Centers

In an increasingly technical world, we need more data centers to manage more and more data. We have quite a bit of experience in data center and telecommunications construction, including a 20-year relationship with CenturyLink. Check out our experience and then let us know about your project.

  • CenturyLink (former Qwest Communications) Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

    Hundreds of building additions, remodels, system upgrades throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, during the 20 year relationship with this client

  • T-Mobile Central Office Roof Project Eagan, Minnesota

    Construction of a new roof over an existing telecommunications switch facility, to provide structural integrity for the mechanical and switch equipment in the building.

  • DirecTV Satellite Uplink Facilities Minnesota

    Two satellite uplink facilities in the Twin Cities metropolitan area: modification of a 21,800 square foot existing facility; and construction of a new 7,500 square foot facility.