“Creative office” is a recent trend in new office construction and renovations of older spaces. Perimeter-style offices are disappearing, floor plans are opening up, and trendy breakout areas and cafés are replacing the rigid, closed layouts of the past. More than ever, we are seeing designs with laid-back interiors, with adaptable furniture systems, and surprisingly high finish quality, with a focus on collaboration and creativity.


With the entrance of millennials to the workplace, non-conventional workplaces are becoming a thing. Millennials tend to be collaborators, and they don’t like to isolate themselves; in general, they have a lower demand for privacy than baby boomers. Hierarchy, tenure, and seniority are no longer the key factors in design, and flexible work zones are displacing high opaque walls. Comfort, collaboration, and creativity have become more important.


For more information, see the MSP Business Journal’s recent report on a NAIOP program on this topic.


Shingobee has constructed many examples of creative offices, both in renovated buildings and in new construction. Here are some examples.


Clockwork Active Media

Clockwork Active Media


 Check out a story about the office in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.


Kroll Ontrack




Edina Realty/Schmidt Lake Road Office

Edina Realty Office


This Edina Realty office is in Plymouth, MN. 


Landscape Structures



This award-winning office space project is in Delano, MN. 


ADC Telecommunications



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