There are various contractual arrangements that can be utilized to hire a general contractor (GC) or construction manager (CM) for your commercial construction project. Regardless of the type of contract, it is wise to bring the GC or CM on board your team during the pre-construction phase to collaborate with your architecture and engineering professionals as they complete the design.


The general contractor’s or construction manager’s primary role during the pre-construction phase is to provide input on design/constructability, construction costs, and scheduling. The GC’s expertise and knowledge of construction methods bring valuable information to the process.


●        Value management is a continuous team process during the pre-construction phase. The GC/CM systematically reviews and monitors constructability issues during the pre-construction phase, including life cycle cost, and recommends alternative solutions wherever the design adversely impacts construction feasibility, cost or schedule.


●        They can provide a fast-track construction schedule. In a conventional project, the construction begins when the drawings are all 100% complete and ready for the bidding process. But oftentimes, construction can begin parallel with the design phase. Items such as site work and mechanical equipment procurement for the long lead components that go into the building can begin prior to completion of full construction documents.


●        They provide a cost estimating process that includes periodic estimates as design progresses, in conjunction with a reconciliation process, to ensure that the project budget stays on track. As the design phase progresses, cost estimates become more detailed and accurate.


●        The best GCs or CMs will provide a 100% transparent process where you can have as much or as little involvement as you would like.


Shingobee Provides Pre-construction Expertise

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