Building Information Modeling (BIM) is now possible through the use of highly advanced software technology. BIM is utilized to provide a digital representation of what your building will look like and how it will function inside and out. Through BIM we can work with subcontractors and other entities (including the client) to develop a building from the ground up. You can see both the physical and functional characteristics of the structure as the project moves from one stage to the next during the preconstruction phase. For project management professionals such as Shingobee, it gives an open hands-on tool to properly execute building construction and help mitigate sub-trade clash issues before they become a problem in the field.


Building Model example


How We Use BIM

Although we do not design or create models, we use them to make use of what the architects/engineers create and coordinate it with the subcontractors. It is a practical bridge to communication and keeps everyone on the same page. What does BIM allow us to do?


●        Helps us navigate through complex building processes including project completion more efficiently.

●        Demonstrates where we can lower costs while improving overall quality

●        An excellent visualization and communication tool that engages the viewer

●        Gives us the ability to identify trade conflicts, i.e. “clash detection,” and problems in the field


Use of BIM reduces conflicts by providing the ability to view various components, such as electrical and structural, in a 3D model.


BIM: Attention to Detail

Before BIM, we had to rely on architectural drawings and blueprints to determine how a building was going to look and perform. The BIM software now allows us to view every detail of the building’s pre-construction and construction process. It is a time and money-saving feature that cuts costs by reducing errors while the work continues. The technology gives us a better overview of how to coordinate all subcontracting jobs. We can formulate improved strategies and work schedules by merely looking at the building’s 3D design on a computer screen.


Teamwork in Real Time

BIM creates a working information model that can be simultaneously accessed by architects, landscapers, surveyors, engineers, project management teams, contractors, and subcontractors. We use this information to bring all these team members together to ensure that the building is completed according to plan. When everyone is working from the same model, nothing gets lost in the transfer of information. New teams coming on board the project will not get lost in the shuffle, and the owners of the building get the most updated information as it happens.


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